A songwriter was looking for musicians and found three music-enthusiastic boys and girls, who joined an existing band, on order to replace lost members. The mere replacement became not enough, much more is brought into the band by them.

So the only logic step was to form a new band, not only containing the longtime experience of each musician, but also including new creativity, experience the manifold possibilities with positive emotions of a new start. Coinflip Cutie was born.

Western guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and the voice of Tom Reiterer add up to thrilling songs and ballads, that immediately stimulate both, ears and hearts. Catchy melodies seducing one to hum along, lyrics very often flavored with a prise of melancholy are worth careful listening.

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Tom Reiterer - git, vocals / Joey Pirker - keys / Antoine Barrault - bass / Andi Pigl - drums 


05/Dec/17:New single out now, try to request "Reasons" at your local radio station! And/or watch it here on our site and youtube if you like!
21/Oct/17:Already feeling depressed? Well it might be a little early, but you're right - November Depression is not too far away any more. It's gonna be on November 9th in Graz, and we're very much looking forward to it!
18/Aug/17:Breaking News! Our singer Tom was chosen to perform live on stage together with Joey Cape of Lagwagon on his One Week Records European Tour at the Ljubljana-show on Sept 22nd! Great honour!
02/Aug/17:360°-video out! Hall of Fail was shot during an exclusive private rehearsal room show. Turyn around, shake it, move your sight, wherever you want, it's interactive! Some browsers even allow you to zoom in! Find the clip down in our video-section or on youtube/favebook, etc.
17/Apr/17: After pretty busy times and also bad news concerning our drummer matty leaving the band, we had to find someone new to play the drums. And now, after weeks of searchin' we're happy to introduce Andy... He had a very exciting start with the band, on his second day we were already shooting for our upcoming video-clip, so stay tuned and watch out for new stuff from Coinflip Cutie!
12/Feb/17: The new year has begun and we're quite busy focusing on recording and finishing the upcoming album, there's just a couple of studio days left and then we'll be working on mixing and artwork :-) At the same time we're planning to play numerous shows all across Austria and maybe even abroad to promote the album!
10/Nov/16: So, finally, it's November again, meaning that depression can't be far away! Are you in? Nov, 26th Graz and, for the very first time, we gonna tour with this unique show: on Dec. 8th we will make Wolfsberg sad as well ;-)
29/Sep/16: We were planning to release the new album late this year, but some additional creative works may delay the release until early 2017! Please keep beeing patient, we're working very hard on that to make it a good one! 18/Feb/16: This is our new homepage, you all are very welcome! 02/Feb/16: Three new songs are waiting for you! 31/Dec/15: Good news everyone! Next concert /w BadXperience 04/Mar @ Explosiv Graz


tba/18: Album Release Show, tba, Graz, Austria
24/Nov/17: Styrian Sounds Festival, ppc, Graz, Austria
09/Nov/17: November Depression, Bar 28, Graz, Austria
23/Sep/17: Tom Solo Performance, Gala Hala, Ljubljana, Slovenia /w Joey Cape, Brian Wahlstrom, Zach Quinn, Donald Spence
24/Sep/17: Musikfest , Grabern, Austria
18/Jul/17: soundgruam, Timelkam, Austria /w Two on Glue
26/May/17: Stadtpark Come Together Festival, Graz, Austria
13/May/17: Hockey meets Friends Party, Graz, Volksgartenpavillon Austria
08/Feb/17: Momaflat Party, Graz, Austria
04/Feb/17: Fania Live, Vienna, Austria
08/Dec/16: December Depression, Sudhaus, Wolfsberg, Austria
26/Nov/16: November Depression, Bar 28, Graz, Austria
11/Nov/16: Der Wolf tanzt, Hotel-Cafe Aldershoff, Wolfsberg, Austria
25/Sep/16: Musikfest , Grabern, Austria
29/Jul/16: Stadtfest , Wolfsberg, Austria /Hotel-Cafe Aldershoff
08/Jul/16: teich tam tam , Wörth, Gnas, Austria /w thinkalore + forest pump
25/Jun/16: Lendplatz, Lend zeigt sich, Graz, Austria
21/May/16: ruining Mike's wedding /Feldkirchen
06/May/16: kaiser's bbq, Graz, Austria /Kaiser Josef-Platz Open Air
04/May/16: ppc-bar, Graz, Austria /Lendwirbel
30/Apr/16: Wild Jam Party, Graz, Austria
04/Mar/16: Explosiv, Graz, Austria /w BadXperience




Oldschool Cutie Enjoy some pictures of us in action:    





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